Ordinary administration

1. Annual ordinary administration, net INPS Revals and VAT if due, inclusive of the following services.

1.1. Free use of the air-conditioned meeting room, at our offices, with video projection system for meetings and assemblies.

1.2. Convening, and participation in the annual ordinary meeting of the financial year, with video projection during the course of the same, transcription with pc and printing of the minutes of the meeting.

1.3. Convocation, and participation in n. 1 (one) extraordinary assembly if necessary, with video projection during the course of the same, transcription with pc and printing of the meeting minutes.

1.4. Convocation and participation in the condominium council if foreseen, with video projection during the course of the same, transcription with pc and printout of the report.

1.5. Production of the annual financial statements (final balance sheet) in an analytical form, with: explanatory summary of the management, including the indication of ongoing pending reports and issues; accounting register; balance sheet and cash position; debts and credits details; cost comparison between budget and balance sheet; expense and account details; detail of individual expenses per unit; breakdown of expenses by registry and unit.

1.6. Production of the annual budget for the year, with the related allocation and payment of the expenses.

1.7. Elements of transparency with the publication of the miocondominio section of our website gecosei.it of: administrator data, condominium data, own profile, own property data, deadlines and payments, personal communications, notices, faults and problems, documents (regulation of condominium, thousandths tables, annual financial statements as per point 1.4., expense documents, bank statements, tax obligations, annual budget for the year as per point 1.5., quotes, offers, contracts, minutes of meetings, etc. .) accounting register, supplier data, bulletin board, surveys.

1.8. Availability 24h/7days

1.9. Sending sms and / or e-mail to condòmini, notice deadline installment condomìniale.

1.10. Control of the regular payment of the condominium installments.

1.11. Sending sms and / or e-mail to condòmini, of prompt payment of the installment payment expired.

1.12. Execution of Shareholders’ Meetings.

1.13. Response to information and questions both by telephone and in person at our office.

1.14. Search for suppliers and / or request for quotes.

1.15. Stipulation and / or updating of contracts and policies.

1.16. Control and monitoring of condominium suppliers.

1.17. Relationship with the public administration relating to ordinary management.

1.18. Discipline of the use of common parts and services.

1.19. Inspections of periodic verification of the common parts.1.20.

1.20. Inspection inspections during routine maintenance work.

1.21. Representation of the condominium.

1.22. Internet banking service connected.

1.23. Payment of supplies with RID, bank transfers, withdrawal of bills and / or postal bills.

1.24. Execution F24 telematics.

1.25. Model 770 telematic compilation and submission.

1.26. Model AC compilation.

1.27. Office, telephone and general expenses.

1.18. Transfer of deliveries to another administrator.

All of the above the maximum required is € 70.00 (Seventy/00), for each housing unit (apartment + cellar + garage + parking space), with a fixed minimum of € 500.00 (Five hundred/00), subject to agreements for particular and / or articulated properties.

The aforementioned amount is due: prepaid and for the entire reference annuity; in case of resignation and/or lack of confirmation of the director in charge, in proportion to the reference period and up to the day of the transfer of deliveries.

All this, with the formula satisfied or reimbursed, if you feel dissatisfied with our work in the first year of administration, we will reimburse everything paid by you for the annual administration of reference, net of taxes, taxes and withholding taxes.Rimborso spese a carico del singolo Condòmino.

2. Reimbursement of expenses for the single Condòmino.

2.1. Convocation referred to in n. 1.2. – 1.3. and 1.4. with:

2.1.1. Recommended by hand with delivery at the condominium = Free

2.1.2. Certified mail = Free

2.1.3. Fax = Free

2.1.4. Recommended a / R. = only postage

2.2 Scanning A4 page in pdf format (convocation, receipt, statement and annual budget for the year referred to in 1.5 – 1.6 attachments, etc.), for each page = € 0.05 (Zero/05)

2.3. Photocopy or A4 print in black and white (convocation, receipts, statement and annual budget for the year referred to in 1.5 – 1.6 attachments, etc.), for each page = € 0.15 (Zero/15)

2.4. Paper booklet binding if required (annual statement and budget estimate as per 1.5, – 1.6, etc.), each = € 5.00 (Five/00)

3. Other activities not reported, will be agreed in advance or approved during the financial statements.

4. We specify that:

4.1. the availability of the Administrator will be immediate in cases of maximum urgency, in other cases upon request with telephone notification of at least 24 hours;

4.2. we are covered by the policy (civil liability of the professional “CONDOMINIUM STAFF ADMINISTRATOR” ceiling for damage = € 500,000.00, ceiling for people = € 500,000.00, ceiling for things = € 500,000.00.

5. We can offer:

5.1. multi-year experience in the sector;

5.2. real-time control of all the operations of the individual condòmini and / or condominium, by means of appropriately programmed computers and applications for mobile devices;

5.3. condominium emergency service with intervention in a few hours: plumber, electrician, mason, tinsmith, drainage sewers etc .; “Strictly selected personnel, in compliance with the tax and social security obligations, which guarantee the work performed”.

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