Rental management

1. brokerage rental property with provision of the lease (for commercial lasting 6 years + 6, a fee free lifetime contract 4 years + 4, the agreed duration 3 years with renewal + 2 controlled apartments, transient, temporary) with definition the distribution charge mode between landlord and tenant or tenant;

2. telephone and online support;

3. verification of the certification of compliance of the systems;

4. schedule with the landlord of the formula for the adjustment of the plant, raising estimates, execution control and liquidation of operations and practices for eventual production facilities underway;

5. production of the certificates of compliance systems;

6. verifying that the energy certification;

7. certificate of energy production;

8. stipulates policy with a primary insurance company to cover damage to the property;

9. analysis and advice on guarantees (bank guarantee, insurance, etc.);

10. verbal description of delivery with inventory of the condition of the property;

11. property sale notification to the competent authority;

12. online registration of the lease at the agency of jurisdiction revenue;

13. sending text messages to the tenant or tenant, warning expires payment of rent;

14. collection of rent;

15. production received payment of rent;

16. payment of registration tax for the years after the registration of the contract, online;

17. determination of the date of rent following Istat variation;

18. tenant demand or lessee of the updated rent, following Istat variation (where applicable);

19. determination of the date of rent as a result of the work of maintenance;

20. tenant demand or tenant of the rent updated as a result of the work of maintenance;

21. breakdown of service charges between landlord and tenant or tenant;

22. monthly collection rate of tenant competence or lessee;

23. payment of Monthly installments for the owner and the tenant or lessee;

24. online registration of the renewal of the lease at the agency of jurisdiction revenue;

25. payment reminder of past due rent;

26. coercive collection of overdue rent, previously agreed with the owner;

27. planning, obtaining estimates, execution control and liquidation of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, and production practices for any concessions in the course;

28. execution and liquidation of extraordinary maintenance postponed;

29. communication of early termination of the lease;

30. paying tax online registry, for the early termination of the lease;

31. cancellation of the lease by the owner or tenant or lessee;

32. determination of the deposit to be returned to the tenant or tenant to return the leased property;

33. return leased property with the production of the minutes;

34. technical assistance;

35. tax assistance;

36. legal assistance;

37. accounting and periodic reports, and possibly also of the management and maintenance of all relations with the tenant or lessee;

38. preservation of archival records.

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