What is the right to housing?

pubblicato: Wednesday, 23 September, 2015

The right to housing belongs to the category of real rights on other people: it is a right that concerns a dwelling which is another owner who takes the name of the bare owner.

The right of residence differs dall’usufrutto because it is very limited, that has as its object only the house.

The right to housing is not for sale and is limited to living the house, by the beneficiary and his family. It is for the owner, the guarantee that the house is used only by the benefit owner and his family members living and no one else.

What are the differences between usufruct and right of residence?


  • alienable (you can sell property
  • concerns real estate of various kinds
  • you have real estate (you can rent etc.)


  • inalienable (you can not sell property)
  • just about the house
  • do not have the real estate (you can only live)

As you share the expenses and taxes between the bare owner and the usufructuary?

The bare owner compete the costs of maintenance and property taxes.

The holder of the right to housing are up routine maintenance expenses and taxes on income and TASI.

How long is the right to housing?

The right to housing can not last beyond the life of the holder: and is extinguished by the death of the beneficiary.

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