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pubblicato: Monday, 23 November, 2015


First you need to define exactly what is meant by this tool, because in the past has been called in different ways (the file home, book house, building booklet and so on.), Names all reviled by homeowners associations (except ours), and defined by them a “useless and expensive collection of documents, able only to make money for the technicians.”

I would draw the following, the definitions made by the City of Rome as the same had already adopted this tool, making it mandatory: “The issue of the building is a tool for monitoring the state of the built heritage conservation aimed at identifying risk situations of buildings and plan in time restructuring and maintenance to improve the quality of manufactured.

The preparation of the dossier of the building, following the appeals, lost compulsory, but it is still an operational tool in the City of Rome.

It also added that, following the recent earthquake, local authorities and institutions are exploring the possibility of restoring the obligatory nature of this instrument. “


Too many emergencies, little prevention. So you can sum up the game of responsibilities which now, in Italy, we got used to – before the Eagle then the Emilia – and that produces the alarm cultural disaster at all costs, and the next buck of responsibility and final hunt guilty in the classrooms of the Court.

AITEC by a survey, Istat and Ingv are more than 16 million Italian homes built before 1971 (the year in which it was born before the law instituting the obligation to file the signed calculations of an engineer), of which as many as 5, 3,000,000 arise in a defined time zone 3 (medium intensity earthquakes) and more than 760,000 in zone 4 (of high intensity earthquakes). It should be added – according to recent Istat data – which in the last 40 years, the Italian state has spent 145 billion for reconstruction, ie 3.5 billion a year.

If these figures had been significant expenses for preventive works we would have definitely avoided many disasters, as well as having a housing more responsive to the legislation.

It must be to know that there is no rule that obligations to standardize the laws earthquake-proof existing buildings, except in some cases.


The dossier of the building as a single certificate must have certification value, otherwise it would become a tool of pure rationalization of data and information, but not effective. The booklet is intended as a substitute for:

  • Compliance construction certificate and practicability;
  • Compliance of the systems statements;
  • energy certification;
  • fire prevention certificate;
  • authorization to discharge.

Consider again that we all pay special attention to the instructions on the use and maintenance operations of a car or any other product also of little economic value, but not the same zeal we put on the well-house, and especially on how the itself must be maintained over time.

Proper use and an intelligent and programmed maintenance plan, while rendering efficient, safe and comfortable housing, over time gives a greater economic value than comparable buildings that are not maintained. The dossier will help you to become aware of all the operations that should be made systematically by helping to create the culture of scheduled maintenance which today is almost non-existent.

From the analysis and from the considerations since synthetically exposed here, arises as the detailed analysis of the various elements that make up a building, the efficiency and integrity verification, the indications on maintenance works carried out, they combine to determine the true quality level and to determine the actual value of the property. The dossier must also be understood as a regulatory tool property values: no more general and summary quotes conditioned almost exclusively from the location and the age of the object, but the value proportionate to the actual state of realization and conservation of the building and a direct relationship to the facilities , the technical solutions, the quality of the structure, equipment, finishing components, energy efficiency, etc.


To date, the instrument studied and re-studied by municipalities, regions and organizations / associations / orders / various colleges is not mandatory, except in an indirect way.

In the past it was precisely thanks to the contribution of our association which has always supported this important document – sort of security of our homes license – that some municipalities / organizations / provinces, as the municipality of Rome had launched the issue of the building. Let me explain now better why I talk about indirectly? The recent reform of the building art. 6 reads: Article 1122 of the Civil Code is replaced by the following: “Art. 1122. – (works on parts of the property or individual use) -.

real estate unit owned by him or in the parts normally intended for common use, which have been allocated exclusively or intended for individual use property, the occupier can not perform works that bring harm to the common areas ie determine damage to the stability, safety or to the architectural decoration of the building.

In any case, it advance notice to the administrator who reports to the assembly. ” This is not a first step by the legislature that ratified in some way the purposes of the issue of the building?


The issue of the building must be kept by the manager of the property, a figure that may coincide with the property or by a delegate of the same, as the administrator of the building.

Who guards must present it upon request to the Municipality in charge of controls, the professionals in charge of interventions on the building, on the occasion of communication to internal works, complaint login, authorization and building permit, request for habitability or usability.

The professionals not only declared that he had examined the file, updating it and will provide the manager of the property documentation that intend to run.

The manager of the property when it is due to ten years will be required to be checked the update of the dossier in the light of the changes.

GECOSEI of Giuseppina Napolitano


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