Free building interventions

pubblicato: Tuesday, 17 April, 2018

Free building, finally the list of interventions that you can carry out without permits.

There are no more doubts about free building! Here is the list of work to do without permits (gazebos, pergotende, air conditioning, fixtures, doors).

Very often, when it is necessary to carry out “non-heavy” building interventions, doubts arise – to the citizens but also to the most experienced technicians – whether or not it is necessary to obtain a qualification or at least to communicate to the municipality. Furthermore, if necessary, the communication must be simple or sworn (therefore accompanied by a special report signed by a qualified technician)?

Actually, the single text on building (D.P.R. 380/2001) already defines the categories of intervention that can be created freely, the so-called interventions in free building, but these are categories of interventions and not specific works to be carried out or elements to be adopted . Hence interpretative doubts often arose precisely because (at least until today) there was no precise classification of each work.

Finally the rules have changed. For a few weeks now, the unified State-Regions Conference has signed the agreement on the single glossary with the exact definition of the interventions that do not require a qualification.

Recall that an intervention in free building is an intervention that does not require the need for any qualification and does not require, therefore, permission to build, SCIA or CILA.

Before analyzing the single glossary, let’s remember what the single text for the building industry provides.

Free building interventions according to the D.P.R. 380/2001

The d.p.r. 380/2001 (single construction text) defines art. 6 the different categories of interventions achievable in free building.

In particular, subject to certain exceptions, the following interventions may be without any qualification:

  1. ordinary maintenance interventions;
  2. the installation of air-to-air heat pumps with a rated useful thermal power of less than 12 kW;
  3. interventions aimed at eliminating architectural barriers that do not involve the construction of external lifts, that is to say artifacts that alter the shape of the building;
  4. temporary works for underground research activities that have a geognostic character, excluding hydrocarbon research activities, and which are carried out in areas outside the town center;
  5. land movements strictly related to the exercise of agricultural activity and agro-forestry-pastoral practices, including interventions on agricultural plumbing;
  6. seasonal greenhouses, lacking in masonry structures, functional to the carrying out of the agricultural activity;
  7. the paving and finishing works of external spaces contained within the permeability index, including the construction of fully underground and non-accessible cavities, water collection tanks, buried places;
  8. solar panels, photovoltaic panels serving buildings outside zone A) as per D.M. 1444/68;
  9. the non-profit play areas and furnishing elements of the appurtenant areas of the buildings.

They are considered interventions in free building, but they need a communication to start work on the municipality, including works directed to satisfy objective contingent and temporary needs and to be immediately removed when the need arises and, in any case, within a period not exceeding 90 days.

Download attachment D.M. March 2, 2018 with the free building Glossary.

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