When the mailboxes in the condo are in order ?

pubblicato: Tuesday, 11 April, 2017

When the mailboxes in the condo are in order ?

The so-called postbox, must be present in every home, so that the person concerned being allowed to receive all necessary communications and remittances strictly personal. In the field they have intervened different regulations that have decided to regulate aspects such as positioning, the structure and the materials of the cassette.

By a decree of April 9, 2001, the Ministry of Communications has granted approval of the general conditions of the postal service, the measure followed by the latest decree of the Ministry of Economic Development, dated october 1, 2008 that it substantially reproduces the content. Finally then it intervened confirming a resolution dated June 20, 2013 the Authority for the Communications.

As for the “house Cassette” it states that the simple delivery of items is carried out in special boxes accessible to the mailman installed by the recipient at their own expense. The shape and the size of the cassette and the opening must be such as to allow to introduce the mailings without difficulty.

Problems arise regarding the condos and placement of postal records so that it can be accessible to all buildings, but at the same time situated in a manner that complies with applicable law.

The measure in this regard, it merely states that “In the multi-family buildings, in complexes formed by more buildings and in buildings used for corporate headquarters, the cassettes must be grouped into a single access point”.

However, the same legislation provides generally that the tapes should be placed at the edge of the property, on the public highway or in any place freely accessible, subject to special agreements with the post office distribution.

In essence, the postman must be able to access the cassette without necessarily being forced to knock or access to private property, for example protected by a door or a gate with automatic opening. In fact, although in practice they abate these difficulties, in the absence of guardian or caretaker, or where no one open because not at home, you would see the mailman can not deliver the mail.

Therefore the rule in this matter is that, unless agreements with the post office local distribution, condominium mailbox must be located outside of the building so as to allow easy access to postman.

The measure establishes also that the tapes should be affixed, conspicuously, the names of those who use or, failing that, the item is returned to the sender, if identifiable. Holders of cassette do not conform to the characteristics and size will make the necessary adaptations, otherwise the postman when the delivery is made difficult, will post a notice of storage and defer sending withdrawal from the post office.

In particular, where the home box is missing, is not suitable or comply with the requirements or agreements with the post office, the recipient receives a one-time warning indicating the post office or distribution center from which remains in inventory all correspondence can not be delivered to the address.

Despite the application problems which have appeared in several Italian municipalities, the legislation still remains in force and to avoid the risk of having to go to the storage point, the solution would be to move the houses outside the building.

The goal expressed by the postal service leaders is to avoid disruption in the delivery of letters and mail carriers raise the daily difficulties encountered in gaining access to private property and the protection of their personal safety.

The national provisions are complemented by a European regulation that will appeal, however, the producers of the mailboxes, as well as those who decide to install the devices. The UNI EN 13724, in fact, establishes standards for mailboxes in size, strength, security systems and protection of privacy.

For example, with regard to size, the cassette must be able to contain both an A4 envelope, without risks of damage or bending, both of the magazines in order to ensure proper delivery. In addition, necessary that the tapes are provided with anti tapping devices to prevent unauthorized third parties access to the correspondence.

As for the installation, the boxes must be accessible to the mailman, bear clearly visible the name on (the central point of the casellare usually between 700 mm and 1700 mm) and no sharp edges to ensure the safety of postmen. Nobody peephole inspection, in order to ensure privacy.

In the case of purchase and installation, therefore, the mailboxes must respect both the legal requirements and those of the European Union dictated the structure. It should be noted that the mailbox should be considered a “personal property” of the condominium.

On installing the postal record battery can declare the assembly, but the allocation of costs follows the personal principle, therefore, equally borne by the individual units; if it is necessary to provide repair or replace a single mailbox, the expense must be borne by the condominium to which the box refers. “

Source: Mailboxes in condominium: when they are in order? (Www.StudioCataldi.it)

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