Real Estate Brokerage for Individuals and Companies

1. technical survey for the survey of the state of the property;

2. certified company registration and acquisition in the public service of land records, urban planning, legal, and anything else necessary;

3. market research;

4. property valuation with international standards of assessment (IVS), the modern evaluation procedures and pluriparametrici comparative models;

5. definition of the sale or lease price;

6. feasibility studies for possible change of destination of use;

7. from the project to which the works of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance or conversion;

8. production of the property file (for companies);

9. verification of existing certifications;

10. promotion and preparation of advertising signs on the property;

11. advertising in the mass media;

12. commercial information by electronic service;

13. potential customers search its database or selected collaborating agencies;

14. managing appointments and visits;

15. support from the request obtaining any mortgage, insurance policies, sureties;

16. technical assistance;

17. tax assistance;

18. legal assistance;

19. assistance to commute.

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